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SUFERS and Consciousness of Being an Earthling

Bahadır Çapar (Founding Chairman)  |  April 2012, Adana
Photographs: Bahadır Çapar 2010-2012
Distribution channels: subacad.org, monthly e-bulletin

"We will be in need of healthy aquatic living resources tomorrow as we need today!"

     Today’s modern human has been working of architecture of an order to overcome nature’s driving forces during its social history which is a short period when compared to Earth’s. And thus was able to change its natural habitat surrounded with wildlife to crowded concrete cities that surrounds wildlife. Especially during last century of this period, although much advancement had been achieved in means of discovery of aquatic life and environmental science we have been exploiting aquatic resources without thinking of its own dynamics in an ever increasing manner. Modern human who will be in need –may be even more essentially– of these resources that he has been exploiting in the future has been having a problem to understand that he is in need of sustainable and wise use of these resources and existence of natural structure that he does not respect.

    Our misunderstood of the truth that every effort for sustainability of nature is an effort for our existence on this blue planet where we can only live should be taking its roots from the problem stated above. In the end point that we encounter today, we have been missing –may be because of an instinct– the balance of nature. Our lifestyles missing the natural environment that we destroy and trying to take a breath on green and blue coasts –many of which are disconnected by our own hands– surrounded by our concrete and steel cities and while even trying to take a breath still destroying and polluting the nature is ironic.

"Increasing heading towards nature without environmental consciousness has been building a basis for important problems."

     Everyday people have been running to nature in an increasing manner in order to get away from city life’s daily routines and get rid of the concerns of modern life. Many times they wait the sunrise with their angling gear in their hands, many times they paddle in cold waters of springs or cycle near coastal trail, some walk near coasts with a back pack holding a camera with an impulse yearning for a clean and healthy aquatic

environment searching for –both adventurous and pleasurable– ways. But this increasing heading towards nature is building a basis for important problems that can even block the individual get same tastes in the future. Aquatic and coastal activities carried out by people, who do not have the culture and consciousness of the activity in an ever increasing manner, have negative even destructive impacts on aquatic and coastal ecosystems which are already vulnerable and threatened. When recreational activities such as angling, which are as precious as commercial fishing supported with desire for nature, these activities will result in use of environment in a sustainable manner.

"Our institutional objectives are human based recreational activities and to produce solution focused projects."

     Thus, SUFERS is a NGO focused on wise and sustainable use of natural resources and water that Earth present to her wasteful children. In other words, it is a thematic NGO found for guiding our awareness on protection of aquatic life and wetlands by use of recreational activities to a more powerful platform. In a shorter way SUFERS is a specialized structure that is formed to commit needs of our responsibility to Earth which can be called as “Consciousness of Being an Earthling” at least at its own locality by technical recreational activities such as angling. Our society having basic objectives such as protection of aquatic environment with all of its components is not just a protection of “nature society” or “animal protection society” that excludes human beings. At the same time it is not also just another fishing society or angling society. Our principal institutional objectives are human based recreational activities and to produce solution focused projects. Thus our society is in an effort for increasing number of environmentally conscious individuals in society in order to build awareness in public and institutional bodies.

"Establishing consciousness of being an Earthling is better than physical and legal barriers for achievement of sustainability by protection of resources."

     We say first “human” for protection of human. Because we witnessed many “human” activities which taught us that barbed wire and information sign posts are not the best way to protect nature, water, resources and fish. Also we witness that the path

to environmental enlightenment is not crossing from reading whatever you find by telling “everything written methodically without even emphasizing aquatic life is true”. The ever increasing environmental problems we are facing today show us those shortcuts such as reading on problems is not the correct answer. We have to increase awareness without forgetting that “Establishing consciousness of being an Earthling is better than physical and legal barriers for achievement of sustainability by protection of resources” and by blocking people who could not go beyond “One Tackle One Fish” vision. Only with that approach we can overcome the problems of aquatic environments and aquatic life.

"Recreational activities provide support to individual’s life quality and social identity."

     It can be more effective to take a person to an activity on a clean coast than force summarizing an environmental article or book in order to raise environmental awareness. The person –of course at a place with appropriate infrastructure– can be encouraged to be inside the cause –not on the coasts– by paddling, angling and such. At the same time these recreational activities –when provided from accurate sources– can empower the applicant to a technical and methodical discipline and support to individual’s life quality and social identity.

     Thus we will do our best to establish consciousness of being an Earthling –by field and activity focused applications– which we always complain of its non-existence with our previous thematic experiences. This intellectual development, that we desire to establish on human, environment and recreation and their interactions, will support and develop quality on recreational activists’ activities and provide a bonus pleasure. This is a very important benefit for both individual and society because people who build self-confidence always lead society for development.

     We are getting on the move by hoping to provide support to sustainability of water, living resources and their dynamics by shaping both individuals and institutions on the solution of problems we define. We continue to live our desire for both our children and our earth even if the things we can do to support sustainability is so small in this long struggle from river to sea.

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